The Dom Rebel label was founded back in the autumn 2003 by Justin Svatina and Don Nguyen. They had a specific vision in mind, to bring a new element of excitement to men’s fashion with a strong meaning and purpose behind each and every creation. We are thrilled to be able to offer you this fantastic new brand online here at Serene Order.

The Dom Rebel name comes from the two Latin words, ‘Dominus Rebellis’ meaning ‘Master of Rebellion’, and stands for freedom of mind and liberty of thought. This powerful term personifies the Dom Rebel brand itself. The label strongly believes and preaches that no matter the circumstances, anyone and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, thoughts and freedom. Take a look through the stunning t-shirt designs Dom Rebel has to offer here at Serene Order and find the perfect garment for you today.

With no formal fashion training, Justin & Don started making their hand-finished garments in their basement and garage, selling their pieces to a handful of boutiques across Canada. Today, they remain the owners of their brand, which is sold at over 250 boutiques in 20 countries. But, Justin and Don pride themselves on producing everything as locally as possible, in Quebec, Canada.

Each one of the designs by Dom Rebel is inspired by the dimensions of the male ego. They take a satirical approach to getting across the underlying messages of freedom, individuality and rebellion. Every single Dom Rebel garment tells its own story.

A team of artisans turn every Dom Rebel garment into a veritable work of art in the company’s workshop by the Lachine Canal in Montreal, Canada. The result is a range of creations with subtle imperfections, brought to life by human hands. It is these imperfections that allow every Dom Rebel piece to tell a story of its own.

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Dom Rebel

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