Other Payment Options


  • We offer all major credit and debit card payments
  • At Serene Outlet, we offer both Paypal payments and Skrill payments
  • We use Skrill as a safe and secure way to process payments between you and us. Skrill saves all you card and bank details so you don't have to type your details in every time you reach the checkout. Skrill takes the payment direct from your card or bank directly, this way your details are never shared over the internet. Because all your details are stored on your Skrill account you can speed through checkouts in just a few clicks.
  • You are also able to use bank transfer using Skrill The payment is sent directly from your bank to ours instantly. With Skrill is is also possible to use credit card payments, international and domestic bank transfers and also local payments options.
  • We have chosen to use Skrill on our site because it offers a comprehensive network of payments options including direct bank transfers, card payments and more. It also has a very sophisticated anti-fraud risk management system in place. Skrill is currently used by 30 million people worldwide and outscore competition in customer satisfaction surveys. Skrill is used by over 135,000 merchants online including both Skype and Ebay.


How do i use a discount/Promo Code?


  • Your discount code can be entered at the checkout. There is a discount/promo code button located next to the 'pay with card' button, just enter the code correctly click and apply and the discount will be applied automatically. Please note that certain promo codes cannot be redeemed against sale items. Please contact us if you have any problems with your promo codes.


Help, i'm having technical issues.


  • If you are having any technically problems when buying with us at Serene Outlet we would first advise that the internet browser you are using is up to date. We also recommend clearing your browsing history/cache and trying again. This usually will fix any problems, however if you are still having issues please contact us and include as much information as you can with screen shots of any error messages you are getting, this will help us to work with the technical department to get your problem fixed ASAP.


How much are delivery costs? 


  • Please click here to check delivery costs for UK,EU and International.


My order hasn't arrived yet?


  • If your order has not arrived by the estimated delivery date we are here to help, however before contacting us there are a few things you can do to see where your order is. Firstly check your dispatch email, on that email you will se a tracking code, you can use this tracking code on the appropriate courier site to see the progress of your delivery. Also please check any safe places the driver may have left the parcel such as the porch behind bins or a shed or with a neighbour. Please note that international or European deliveries can take a bit longer to reach you as your item must progress through the postal system.


How do i return an item from my order?


  • You can return all or some of your order and receipt a full refund for those items returned. please click here to view our returns policy. To do so you must first log into your account at www.sereneoutlet.com using your email address and password. Once logged in you can then go to your order history and generate a returns form. This will be sent to your email address, please note sometimes this will be sent to your spam folder. If you bought your items using the express checkout option and wish to return goods please email us at info@sereneorder.com and we will be able to set you up with a full account so you are able to generate a returns form.


I have received an incorrect item in my order.


  • We're sorry to hear you've received a wrong item in your order. Please click here to view our returns policy and explain you have received an incorrect item on your returns form. We can't directly exchange the item for you so we ask you to re-order the preferred item once the refund has been issued.  


An item is missing from my order.


  • In your parcel you will find a dispatch invoice explaining what items should be inside that parcel. We have sent your items in a separate parcel so please check your emails to see if any items will be sent separately. If an item is missing please contact at info@sereneorder.com with your order number and details of what you have received and what you are missing, we will then be able to resolve the issue as fast as possible for you.


How long does it take for me to receive my refund?


  • We will refund you account as soon as the return has been processed at our warehouse. Once this is processed the refund will be completed. It could take up to 3 working days for the refund to appear in your account.


The item i want is out of stock, will you be getting more in stock?


  • We do't currently have the facility to let you know if we will be getting an item back in stock. As Serene Outlet is an outlet store it is usually the last size scales available as they are all discounted stocks and we don't tend to replenish these stocks/ 


My payment method isn't working, what should i do?


  • If you are having issues paying for an item there's a few things you are able to try. Firstly, check that the address you have entered is correct and is filled in fully. The filing address must match the billing address for card yo have used to pay with. With your bank you may be asked for a 3D secure payment password to process the payment, if you do not know this you must contact your bank. If you are still having problems please try another computer, website browser or card as an error may lie there. The security protocols on Serene Outlet are set to the highest standards to ensure maximum online security for our customers and our business. This means from time to time that a genuine customer may be declined if the bank card being used is not registered to the same address as the billing address on check out or the details such as your name and address or your visa verified code has been incorrectly inputted. If paying with Paypal please make sure you confirm your account and get it verified as this is much more secure for both the customer and us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if this is an issue.


Can I use PayPal at Serene Outlet?


  • Yes you are able to pay using PayPal as a safe way to pay online. However please ensure your account is confirmed or verified or both. Alternatively you can pay using a Skrill account.


Can i pay for Serene Order stock and Serene Outlet stock in the same order?


  • Unfortunately we are unable to add Serene Order stock to your Serene Outlet order as it is a completely separate website. If purchasing on Serene Order, new season stocks offer free UK Delivery