International Tax Free Shipping


Serene Outlet does not charge any customs duties on international shipments. If any additional customs charges are incurred during your shipment, they are not calculated or monitored by us nor are they the responsibility of Serene Order. While we do not expect there will be any additional charges attached to your order, we recommend that you check with your local customs officials or Post Office for more information regarding importation taxes/duties that may be applicable to your online order with us.The security protocols on our site are set to the highest standards to ensure maximum online security for our customers and our business. From time to time this may mean a genuine customer is declined if the bank card being used is not registered to the same address as the billing address on check out or the details such as you name and address or your Visa Verified code have been incorrectly inputted.
If you are an international customer please be aware that PayPal is the best form of transaction or Visa credit cards which are enrolled in the Verified by Visa programme.

VAT EXEMPTION - If you are VAT exempt then our website will allow you to shop VAT free. Since the charging of VAT is determined by both Invoice and Delivery addresses, then VAT cannot be calculated until checkout. For this reason, eligibility for VAT exception is established using the following rules:

1. If your Invoice Address OR Delivery address is in the UK you will be charged VAT

2. If your Invoice Address AND Delivery address are outside the EU you will not be charged VAT

3. If your Invoice Address AND Delivery address are Jersey or Guernsey you will not be charged VAT

Your shopping basket will reflect your VAT eligibility before you are asked to complete your order. If you have supplied a valid email address, you will also receive an order confirmation which will also confirm eligibility. Please contact us if you believe you have been charged VAT incorrectly.