Personal shopper

Serene Outlet is the sister company of Serene Order, a well established online store and Drury Lane, Solihull based shop in the West Midlands. There is always one in a crowd. A man or woman who wears the latest fashions and usually gives the most thought to those little gifts for loved ones. The type of person you love but don’t want to stand next to. It’s now time to share their secrets and it’s all done with mirrors and the personal shopping service from Serene Order’s Style Advisors.

Whether you’re local to the Solihull store or visiting the Midlands, Serene Order will customise a complete shopping day around you.

The service is by appointment only and you then receive the dedicated one-to-one service of highly-trained staff who really know how to help you find items to suit your tastes, needs, and body type. An at-home service is available where the store literally comes to you and your own wardrobe is evaluated. The style advisors from Serene Order will tell you what to buy keep or store and a range of fashion items tailored to your needs will be brought to your home.

Personal shopping is also available over the phone and on the internet. What exactly does this mean? Well, Serene Order is dedicated to making sure you find the best fit for your body type, the right colours to match your complexion, and the right pieces to complement the items you already wear from your wardrobe. To make this all possible, the Style Advisors will go through the process of putting together the perfect pieces for you and shipping it to you – without you having to ever set foot in the store! This is the perfect shopping experience for those with busy lives and without the luxury of time to enjoy the in store experience.

Group shopping trips are becoming more popular and the service can accommodate groups of up to eight. So, forget the spa and consider the new alternative to spending a weekend with friends.

Take a first step to filling your wardrobe with pieces that fit your body type and wear clothes that you really feel great in – it’s guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself.

To make an appointment email info@sereneorder.com